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Mar 25 2020

Serene Spy


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Like many of you, my birthday is happening in the midst of lockdown. With so much sadness and loss in the world, the last thing on my mind is celebrating. But a part of me knows it’s good for my mental health to stay positive and try and have a little fun while trapped indoors.

In lock down, it’s hard not being able to go out and socialise with my favourite people, to just go out for a drink. Being my birthday accentuates this.

However, there are ways around this. For example, I can pay a little extra and host an online party through most video platforms such as Skype or Zoom. I can invite my friends and loved ones, and we can all share a virtual drink and meal. You can even make this your Friday night online drink or cocktail hour.

Alcohol doesn’t have to be involved. I want to invite some friends online to join me for a spa party. Below is my list of products that we can try out, buy as gifts and chat about and continue to use at home for some lockdown me-time.

It’s not the same as going to a spa, but it’s the next best thing.

Face Time

Comfort Zone Hydramemory Mask, £32, 60ml

My skin has been so dehydrated and dull looking lately.

The mask contains hyaluronic acid for the ultimate hydration kick. It also contains jojoba oils and baobab extract which is super moisturising. I applied a thin layer to my face, and it says to leave it on for three mins. It also suggests removing any residue after this. I was surprised at how quickly the product sunk into my face and left it looking glowy and feeling plump. There was hardly any residue as my skin must have been so dry and needed all the moisture it could get!

Brighten those eyes

Comfort Zone Hydramemory Eye Cream Gel, £33, 15ml

Staring at my laptop all day (both for work and Netflix) has turned me into a zombie. This eye gel contains apple extract which is an antioxidant and watermelon rind which ensures hydration. It’s super refreshing – as soon as I roll it under my eyes with its metal applicator it feels really cool and firm. After it sinks in, I notice how shiny my eyes look – almost like I’ve been on a health retreat.

Note: When you buy any two Comfort Zone products from Feel Unique or in spas, you receive a free essential backpack – it’s perfect for storing any beauty bits and bobs you may have lying around.


Setting the mood

Illumine Zodiac Candle, £42, 220g

Illumine provide sophisticated and all-natural fragranced candles that promote wellness and healing. It’s a perfect gift for a horoscope lover with its zodiac themed candles – each one with its own unique blend of scents to suit your personal traits. They’re made with a natural soya and coconut wax blend. As an Aries, my candle is infused with rosemary and geranium. It looks so sophisticated on my bedside table and infuses my room with its soft aroma. The packaging is stunning with its sleek, black component and was truly an experience to unwrap (as soon as I opened the box, I got a strong whiff of its herbal scent).

Put your feet up

Margaret Dabbs London Crackled Heel Treatment, £18, 30ml

Now that it’s spring and my feet have been hibernating all winter, it’s time to treat these babies to a pedicure and intensive moisture. Margaret Dabbs London products are results-driven and incredible for hand and feet care. Their Crackled Heel Treatment is perfect for repairing dry and cracked heels as it’s formulated with cocoa and shea butter. They’re also anti-bacterial as it’s infused with oregano and manuka tree oils. My feet are smoother than it’s ever been, and I feel so much more confident. Here’s a full routine of how I treat my feet here.

My acts of self-care at home

Doing yoga, reading, listening to podcasts, doing mini workouts, painting, taking a nice bath are just a few things of many we can do at home for our wellbeing.

Here’s a list of small acts of self-care I’ve been practicing at home to defeat the boredom and feel good:

Cooking my favourite meals

Here are some Vegan comfort foods you may want to try.

Taking small walks nearby

I do this on my lunch breaks sometimes and it really helps to be out of the house to enjoy the sunshine for a bit.

Spending time in my garden.

For lunch, if it’s sunny, I bring a chair out to my garden or patio and eat al fresco. I listen to music, or just simply enjoy my surroundings and being out in nature.


It’s nice to escape reality for a while and dive into a good book. I’m currently reading Good Vibes, Good Life by Vex King.

Listen to music or a podcast

I always listen to music. I love it when I’m working and I find lo-fi beats or any kind of chill music really puts me in the zone and relaxes me.


Deep cleaning the house made me feel so productive but it’s also an activity that helps me focus on the present moment. I usually blast music out when doing this and have a little dance around too. I had a massive clear out of clothes and unwanted items and it helped create a more minimal space. Very Scandi. Very Marie Kondo.

Setting the mood with Hygge

I know we tend to go on about candles and fairy lights quite a bit, but being cosy is essential. Taking a nice bath, putting a face mask on and watching Netflix in a snug setting can be so soothing.

Spaing at home

I keep up my skincare and bodycare routine. Giving myself a nice body scrub and a mini massage with an oil gives me that luxurious treatment feel. A five minute face massage can plump up your skin and give you a confidence boost.

Spas are sadly closed but you can support your favourite spa with a  voucher purchase to treat yourself or a loved one when normal life resumes.  Visit your spa on Good Spa Guide and look for ‘Gift Vouchers’ on the right hand side.  If the link is not there, try visiting your spa’s website.


Serene Spy

25th March 2020

Spy Likes:

Soft fluffy robes, imaginative vegetarian food, products that combine luxury with strong eco credentials and spas which look after their therapists’ wellbeing too.

Spy Dislikes:

Showers that aren't spotless, snootiness and having to get dressed for lunch.

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