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Nov 6 2019

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In winter, as my sandals are flung to the back of the wardrobe, so too is the regular pedicure. Feet and legs are now swathed in clothes and therefore forgotten… until party season hits. It’s easy to follow a facial skincare routine throughout the year, but we can often neglect everything below the ankle.

This month sees the Good Spa Guide Awards 2019, therefore strappy heels will be in order. Are my feet red carpet ready? Are they heck… Time for an emergency do-over.

Luckily, I’ve found some products that will give my tired toes a deep and luxurious treatment. If you’re a natural beauty freak like me, then Margaret Dabbs’ Pure Feet range is ideal for an at-home pamper pedicure session. All products are vegan and enriched with potent natural plant extracts to give your feet that just-stepped-out-of-a-spa look and feel.

Here are my 7 steps to red carpet-ready twinkle toes.

1. First, I clear an entire evening – ideally a weekend when I will have more time to devote to my attention-starved feet. I start off with a super warm shower to get my skin soft and ready for the products. I love using the ESPA invigorating body reviver body scrub as preparation. It contains coconut extract and moringa seed for a deep cleanse and the lemongrass and lime scent is so uplifting: I’m left with the smoothest legs and ankles.

2. After drying off, I fill up a bowl with warm water and add a couple of pumps of the Margaret Dabbs Reviving Foot Soak. My poor feet, having been encased in shoes and socks all day, bask in the turmeric (it helps to act as an antifungal) and the hydrating buriti oil. They are instantly refreshed and revitalised.

3. I then use the Natural Foot Scrub and start buffing away at all the dead skin. The granules aren’t thick or scratchy at all; they feel soft yet manage to remove the top layer of skin. It’s not drying either as the jojoba oil is super moisturising. My feet already feel heavenly three steps in.

4. I pat my feet dry with a towel and go in with the Restorative Foot Lotion. It’s such a light and buttery texture and sinks into the skin right away. The bergamot scent is so refreshing and gives me the summer blues.

5. When my feet feel extra dry and I need more of a moisture kick, I’ll apply the Regenerating Foot Oil applied underneath the lotion. One spray does the trick and I like to massage this in very slowly: it feels like a spa treatment. My feet look glowing and luminous afterwards.

6. Before I paint my nails, I use the Repairing Nail & Cuticle Treatment Pen around my cuticles and on my nail bed. I naturally have quite weak nails and my cuticles are quite rough. This serum helps to grow them out healthily and soften them. It’s so easy to apply because of the tube applicator; sometimes I apply it during the day on my fingernails to keep my cuticles smooth.

7. Some of my favourite brands for vegan nail polishes are Seren London, Natural Collection by Boots and Barry M. They’re all affordable and cruelty-free. I usually like to go in with a red – you can never go wrong with a classic shade.


The best thing about this routine is using the combination of products that give you an intense treatment and the effects last for days. It’s also extremely pleasurable and spa-like, so it doesn’t feel like a chore. Having glamorous feet hidden away in your socks makes you feel extra special – like wearing expensive undies under your jeans and T-shirt. If you book yourself a regular weekend feet retreat, you’ll be ready to step out at a moment’s notice – and know you feel good all the way from your head to your tippy toes.

This month I am binge watching season three of The Handmaid’s Tale – so far not as dark as the others, but we'll see...


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