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    Student Spy

  • Age 18
  • Skin type Combination

Spa Likes

"Good food; friendly therapists; decent music to listen to during a treatment; therapists who understand that exams make you feel really stressed."

Spa Dislikes

"Robes that are too big for people who are only five foot tall; swimming pools with no room to swim; too much healthy food."

About this spy

Here to ensure we stay down-with-the-kids, hip, cool and ever-so-trendy, Student Spy is our youngest member.

"Fitting in a spa day or stay around my studies gives me the perfect opportunity to relax and take my mind off essays! I love a friendly therapist, and having some decent music to listen to during a treatment. When it comes to spa dislikes, it has to be robes that are too big for someone who is five foot nothing!"

— Student Spy

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