Review: AromaWorks Purity Facial Cleanser

Oct 27 2014

Summer Spy

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Aromaworks purity cleanser

We reviewed AromaWorks Purity Facial Cleanser (£29 for 100ml). 

First impressions:

The design is beautifully modern. The cleanser is packaged in a simple glass bottle with a pump top, much easier to use than pouring the liquid.

AromaWorks started life making aromatherapy candles, so it's no surprise that the cleanser smells beautifully of spa. There are lots of citrus and floral notes in the mix. It may be my imagination, but the glass bottle seems to keep the cleanser quite cool, so the liquid feels very refreshing on the skin.

What’s in it:

The cleanser has 16 bioactive natural ingredients including meadowsweet, grapefruit, apricot and aloe vera. The range is perfect for people who have sensitive skin or allergies; there are no parabens, sulphates, nuts, dairy or glutens in any of the products. I was also pleased to see that the range is not tested on animals.


The directions from AromaWorks say to use the cleanser on the face and neck, morning and night. My skin is prone to break outs, so I used the product to cleanse twice during both my morning and evening skincare routines.

Because of the beautiful smell and feel, using the cleanser felt very much like a spa experience. I took the time to properly massage the cleanser around my skin before taking it off with cotton pads.

The cleanser was great at getting rid of my makeup (I used it in conjunction with the Purity Eye Cleanser - one of the best eye make-up removers I've ever used!)  and it felt very soft on my skin.


Because I have combination skin, I often end up with a cleanser which properly cleans my t-zone, but is then too harsh on the rest of my skin. I end up with red and slightly irritated patches around the edges of my face.

The Purity Facial Cleanser managed to get my skin clean, calm and was gentle enough to use regularly. My skin wasn't kept perfectly under control -- I did have a couple of breakouts -- but the cleanser did feel a lot better for my starting-to-age skin than a harsher option.


The product is a little more expensive than I would normally spend on a cleanser, especially as it couldn't quite handle my troublesome skin. But, with the all-natural ingredients, beautiful aroma and product design, it does feel like a really good option for those with normal or dry skin.

Final verdict:

I'm not sure I would buy this cleanser again for me, but I would definitely buy it as a gift for my mum or friends who are blessed with better skin!


Summer Spy

27th October 2014

Spy Likes:

Warmth and sunshine; spas which take me away to another country; fruit infused waters; beach-worth pedicures; deep tissue massages.

Spy Dislikes:

High footfalls; treatments that over promise and under deliver; heavy lunches; loungers drapped in used towels.

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