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This pedicure is for life, not just for Christmas

I visited the Bannatyne Spa Hotel, Hastings, for a pre-Christmas pedicure on 10th December. Wiggling my fantastically evil-looking, yet festive, sparkly green toenails with excitement, I announced that I was off to the Slytherin House Christmas party forthwith.

Long after the last butterbeer had been downed -- the 8th of January -- my pedicure is still in pristine condition. Three cheers for Leighton Denny and Bannatyne therapist Lisa -- that's almost a whole month later! A definite record for me. I didn't even tiptoe around in fluffy slippers for a month but subjected my feet to the usual festive abuse. Heck, I even moved house (geographically, not psychologically -- obviously, I'm still in Slytherin).