The world’s most expensive flip-flops!

Apr 1 2014

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Flip-flops are a spa essential. We wouldn't visit without a trusty pair. While we think that you need to spend a little bit to get some thongs that will last, we were surprised to hear of a pair of sandals made by eco-warriors Chipkos for sale for a staggering $18,000 (around £11,000)!

On closer inspection, the world's most expensive flip-flops are, in fact, an opportunity for a philanthropist to do their bit for the rainforests. We had to find out more.

These flip-flops feature 18-carat eco-friendly gold Chipkos emblems, as well as being hand-painted by Los Angeles-based contemporary painter David Palmer.

More than that, your purchase will ensure the protection of 100,000 acres of Costa Rican rainforest.

You can also expect to receive:

* a two-night complimentary stay at the Montage Hotel in Beverley Hills

* a reclaimed wood and glass display cabinet made by David Palmer

* meet and greet with Palmer himself.

If $18,000 is a little out of your league, you can rest assured that a purchase of the more affordably-priced regular Chipkos sandals ($42/£25) will secure the salvation of 100 acres of rainforest. Not bad.

The lovely folks over at Chipkos have assured us that not only will they ship your eco-friendly rainforest-saving sandals over to the UK but they are also offering Good Spa Guide readers an exclusive 10% off all orders. Simply enter the discount code "goodspa10" when prompted. Thanks, Chipkos!


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1st April 2014

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