The Spa Spies visit The Feversham Arms Hotel and Verbena Spa

Mar 9 2016

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When an invitation to the Yorkshire Moors arrives on our desk, we invariably start the Heathcliff versus Edgar Linton debate. Corsets, windblown moors, unfulfilled love -- beautiful to read about but perhaps something enjoyed one step removed.

We’d also vote for a more modern interpretation of Yorkshire hospitality than a cold and ruinous Gothic manor. Our invitation was to retreat to the The Feversham Arms Hotel and Verbena Spa, the original building was finished 10 years after than Bronte’s novel was written, to adore the wuthering landscape ensconced in the safety of modern luxuries.

Verbena Spa re-opened in February 2016 after a refurbishment project, and with a new treatment menu. The new spa has a partnership with British lifestyle brand Temple Spa. Temple Spa is made in England, but has a strong Mediterranean influence with exciting ingredients, beautiful textures and creative, results driven treatments.

The spa interior echoes the cosiness of the hotel with plumped woollen cushions and snuggly throws, while overlooking the Mediterranean-esque terrace and pool with fairy lights and storm lanterns. The spa has seven treatment rooms, a nail bar, and heat and wet facilities. Spend an afternoon exploring a gently heated aromatherapy room, sanarium, salt steam room and a monsoon experience shower. Dip your toes into the footbaths before heading to the outside hot tub which is heated to a blissful 38 degrees. You’ll also find a heated outdoor swimming pool if you fancy a more vigorous swim.

We were booked in for the My Kinda Skin facial (60 minutes, £69). My therapist, Tammy, greeted me by the spa reception and led me to a beautifully scented and comfortable treatment room. After an initial consultation about my skin, I settled on the wonderfully warm and wide treatment couch. Tammy placed pads over my eyes and asked me to take three deep breaths, inhaling a calming aromatherapy mist. She then wiped hot mitts on my feet and lower leg, and massaged in a gentle cooling cream.

Tammy cleansed my skin twice, then massaged my shoulders, neck and face massage using long, intricate strokes that seemed to go on and on and on… I felt that I was in skilled and confident hands. Tammy then applied a facial scrub “The Power Breakfast” which smelt and felt wonderful. Once thoroughly clean, she smoothed a creamy mask onto my skin, placed a pillow over my eyes, and started a scalp massage. Tammy removed the mask and finished with an eye cream, serum and moisturiser.  She highlighted the award winning Skin Truffle Moisturiser for complete facial rejuvenation. Fab-u-lous!

Tammy then guided me to the relaxation lounge where I found a comfy sofa I could sink into. My skin felt soft, revived and hydrated -- exactly what I wanted.

Once I prised myself away from the spa, I headed back to the hotel. There are 33 bedrooms including spa suites, with the famed Yorkshire tweed never too far away. If you’re feeling indulgent, the recently launched Weathervane restaurant is definitely worth a visit -- the food we sampled was beautifully presented and tasty. The chef is a keen forager and prides himself on fresh, local produce. Afternoon tea can be taken by the log fires or in the warmer months outside poolside on the terrace.

While too indulgent for Cathy and Heathcliff, we could definitely see Catherine Linton living out her happily ever after at Verbena, taking afternoon tea and flitting around the pool with Hareton. We’d rather like it to be part of our happily ever after too.

Verbena Spa offers a range of full day, half, and evening packages with light lunch options available. 


Stylish Spy

9th March 2016

Spy Likes:

Minimalist lines; organic products; facial massage; tranquillity; interesting people-watching.

Spy Dislikes:

Discarded towels on loungers; steam rooms that aren't steamy; mobile phones.

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