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Mar 26 2014

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When a product house paints us a picture of graceful beds of oceanic flora dancing on the current, with glittering ice palaces dotting the horizon, cocooned by the romantic twinkling of the Northern Lights and presents us with sleek, shiny packaging and promises of pampering perfection, who are we to resist?

The Ossetra spa range

Ossetra skincare products are made from natural, organic ingredients sourced from the far north of this wonderful world. "Infused with the dance of seaweed", made with pure iceberg water, inspired by the Northern Lights, our Spies couldn't wait to try them out!

Ossetra Seaweed Serum

This serum is natural and organic, made up of a minute molecular structure that is said to provide the skin with noticeable lift and firming in even the most delicate areas.

seaweed spa products

Sassy Spy says: "This serum has a light fruity scent -- no smelly seaweed! It is a creamy rather than a sticky gel, and sinks in very quickly, leaving no obvious trace on your skin.

Despite the fact that it seems to just disappear, it actually moisturised the dry parts of my face perfectly. It wasn't too much when combined with a moisturiser, and didn't clog my skin. All in all, a great serum!"

Ossetra Iceberg mist

This unusual toner contains water from actual icebergs! The toner has a pH close to that of your own skin, and Ossetra claim that this iceberg mist will refresh and balance your skin.

pure water

Shy Spy says: "There's nothing particularly icy or misty about 'Iceberg mist', but it is a very pleasant toner to use. Softly scented with orange oil, and packed with other natural ingredients (including water from icebergs, the purest in the world, apparently), this product doesn't come with any loftier claims than to refresh, balance and cleanse. It certainly did all three.

The smart purple container squirts out a splash of toner (rather than a fine spray), so I found it easiest to use on a dampened cotton pad. The toner took off the last traces of my make-up and left my skin feeling clean and fresh, without any astringent tightness. It worked well on my combination skin.”

Our verdict? Zingy, refreshing, cleansing and smoothing. We're impressed.

The Spa Spies were lucky enough to get a preview of this Canadian spa brand, soon to be making its way into UK spas. For more information, visit the Ossetra website.


Stylish Spy

26th March 2014

Spy Likes:

Minimalist lines; organic products; facial massage; tranquillity; interesting people-watching.

Spy Dislikes:

Discarded towels on loungers; steam rooms that aren't steamy; mobile phones.

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