The fight with cellulite

Mar 13 2014

Stylish Spy


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Cellulite can strike at any time, and affect anyone -- from A-List celebrities to your mum; the evil orange peel does not discriminate when it comes to dishing out the dimples.

So, the Good Spa Spies have made it their mission to get to the bottom (pun very much intended) of this troublesome foe, and find out just what cellulite is, why it happens and how we can banish it!

Cellulite occurs when naughty fat cells break away from their little gang and work their way towards the skin’s surface, getting themselves well and truly tangled in the web of collagen and elastin fibres (that hold the muscles to the skin) along the way.  The result is, sadly, the puckered effect so many of us experience.

Medical experts and beauty boffins have been arguing about the causes of cellulite for years.  Whilst it seems it is partially a gene thing (thanks Mum!) and partially a hormone thing, cellulite has also been attributed to skin thickness, fat location and level, circulation, diet and age … the beast is indiscriminate as well as insufferable!

Do not despair, lovely spa goers!

We have located the finest spa treatments around the country, as well as getting together some handy home hints to ensure you can banish those beastly bumps.

Body brushing and lymphatic drainage are generally considered to be the finest anti-cellulite treatments, and most spas offer a number of treatments to get you started:

*  Bliss London has a killer treatment, aptly named the Quadruple Thighpass – blending microcirculation-stimulating essential oils to purge those toxins and boost that lymphatic system.  £115 for 60 minutes – recommended 6 sessions.

*  Knock Castle Hotel and Spa in Crieff offers Velashape™, which they claim is a “revolutionary cellulite treatment” which “results in a measurable reduction in fat layers, circumference and the appearance of cellulite”.  £100 for 30 minutes, recommended course of 6 treatments - £500.

Pesky Cellulite

*  A firm body brush and a thorough massage will certainly help you get your circulation going and your lymphatic drainage underway – try the Lymphatic Drainage Massage and Body Mud Mask (£65 – 105 minutes) at Alexandra House, Huddersfield or the Fistral Spa Signature treatment No 1 (£85 – 1 hour 50 minutes) at the Fistral Spa, Newquay.

*  Use Laveré Body Effect Active Silhouette Cellulite Firming Care (50ml, RRP £39) and invest in a good body brush to continue your anti-cellulite battle at home – our Spa Spies say it really works!


Stylish Spy

13th March 2014

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