Stylish Spy’s hot nail colours for Spring: gorgeous greens and beautiful blues

Mar 19 2014

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Every girl love diamonds, and when you open a package to see the unmistakable colour of a Tiffany box, your heart would be hard-pushed not to skip a beat. So, I suppose it was only a matter of time before we realised that we could have a little slice of that Tiffany pleasure every day – on our nails!

China Glaze's

The thing that makes Tiffany boxes so iconic is their unique colour. It isn't blue, and it isn't green, it's Tiffany. Which is why China Glaze have named a shade from their "Something Blue" collection, "For Audrey".

Spa Ritual's

If Tiffany box glamour is too subtle for you, then you can still stay on-trend with a more daring shade of green. Spa Ritual's Eye of the Beholder will leave your friends green with envy! This plucky shade is a delightfully sweet apple-green, with a touch of vibrant lime to take you from tame to tah-dah!

When it comes to nail colour, Leighton Denny have come close to perfection with their Inside Scoop lacquer. Although at first glance the bottle suggests a altogether mintier affair, once you've applied a couple of layers (and this varnish is really easy to apply – even for a terribly left-handed Spa Spy!) you'll be left with a just-nearly-Tiffany sheen. This colour is understated, yet playful and fun, the perfect accompaniment to that early spring touch-of-tan.

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19th March 2014

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