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Mar 19 2014

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As resident Stylish Spy, it is my responsibility to keep you all on your fashion toes. So, talking of toes (and fingers, for that matter), I have spent the week adorning my nails with the latest on-trend colours to bring you the ultimate guide to keeping your nails fashion-forward this spring.

I have to say, I was more than ready to dispose of the dark purples, dusky reds and grassy greiges of winter and embark on something altogether more light, bright and sunny.

Today we're in the pink!

When it comes to pink, this season you're looking for a polish that reaches beyond the baby pinks that were so popular last year. It's all about undertones of peach and coral; something with a touch more sophisticated than the candy-floss nails synonymous with the Baby Spice of yore.

Here at GSG HQ, we're crazy about Spa Ritual's Sacred Sands lacquer. It's deliciously borderline pink; so very dusky it could almost be considered nude. This colour oozes elegance and is a perfect day-to-day colour that will see you through to summer.

What's fantastic about pink is the spectrum of choice. Another Spa Ritual colour triumph this season has to be Face of Destiny. This lacquer takes pink to a gorgeously coral place -- rich, borderline orange, ever-so-slightly red. Face of Destiny is a multi-faceted colour, which makes it ideal for a gal who changes her clothes as often as she changes her mind!

Leighton Denny Sundae Girl nail colour

If you are looking for a gorgeous, no-nonsense pink, then Leighton Denny's Sundae Girl will be right up your street. Sundae Girl manages to be classic rather than childish, by taking a touch of dusk and just a hint of purple to produce a definite pink that still manages to be a million miles away from bubble gum.

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