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Mar 7 2014

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I was lucky enough to try out a Spiezia organic facial last week. Spiezia are a Soil Association-certified organic skin care company. Back in 1999, Dr Mariano Spiezia, an Italian herbalist living in Cornwall, created the UK's first complete range of 100% organic skin and body care.

In 2002, Amanda Barlow and Sally Read invested in the company - and they still run it from Gear Farm in Cornwall. Spiezia products are hand-made, using 100% organic ingredients. Even the packaging is recycled: the bottles and jars made from recycled glass, and yes, the lids are made from recycled aluminium!

So far, so good-for-you. Spiezia have impeccable eco-credentials, but what about the treatments? I tried the Relax and Rejuvenate Uplifting facial at the Bijoux Medi-Spa in Belgravia. The facial was developed using acupressure and facial reflexology techniques from India and Japan.

Jit and her Spiezia magic products

- Jit and her Spiezia magic products

The Relax and Rejuvenate was unlike any facial I've experienced. Instead of the usual cleanse, mask and moisturise, this facial focused on seamless, fluid massage movements. If you like massage, then this is the treatment for you. My therapist, Jit, began my treatment with a foot massage. Then Jit smoothed a heavenly-smelling cleanser over my face, throat, decollete and arms.

Then the massage began... oh, and what a massage! Feathery strokes, pressure-point work, the heel of Jit's hands, her thumbs... My face has never felt so pampered! Just when I thought things couldn't get better, Jit drizzled my hair with rosemary and sweet-almond oil, and expertly performed a fabulous scalp massage. Every inch of my head, from my ears to the base of my scalp was thoroughly massaged. Marvellous.

Even my nose got a thorough work-out: Vanilla, rose, chamomile, cinnamon, coconut... so many delicious smells! By the end of 70 minutes, my face felt satin-soft and, I swear, those fine lines around my eyes had been magicked away by Jit's genius. If you're interested in living a more organic lifestyle, or just fancy trying something a little different, then give Spiezia a whirl. One warning: As this treatment includes a head massage, you will be tottering away with oily hair. As a measure of what a great therapy it was, I swanned off into SW1 with a beatific beam on my face, not caring that my hair looking like a disaster area.

My skin felt great for days afterwards and my hair was superbly silky. Note for next time: Bring a head scarf!

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7th March 2014

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