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Spa Trends for 2012: Top-to-toe treatments

Our spa spy monikers tell you a little bit about what we're like. Shy Spy prefers privacy to mass-bathing, Single Spy is an oft-lone traveller, Sybaritic Spy really does like the finer things in life, and Stylish Spy is all about looking good (that's me).

However, we're all thrilled that the trend for leaving a spa looking utterly fabulous is set to flourish this year!


Top-to-toe pampering

Sometimes in our busy spa schedules, we can have a meeting, dinner, party or transatlantic flight to negotiate straight after our spa experience. Whilst the latter may see us simply don our ever-present eye masks and continue our spa-style slumber, if we've got places to go and people to see, our freshly-facialed complexion and ESPA-pink muddied hair could leave us far from ready to receive visitors.

Whilst the whole kit and caboodle may usually be reserved for special occasions only, top-to-to pampering packages are becoming a more accessible and affordable treat. Expect to receive a massage, facial, mani-pedi, spray tan, full make-up and a blow dry - but don't necessarily expect to pay the earth.

In these difficult times, spas are looking to provide us with more value for money. Putting together packages that cater for ladies (and gents) planning to step out in style can be a great investment for hotel spas, as they can ensure guests feel and look their very best without having to leave the building, or even return to their room.