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Spa trends for 2012: Spa science

In early 2011 we were thrilled to bits to have the opportunity to have a couple of hours one-to-one with Anna Bjurstam, the new sole owner of Raison d'Etre -- one of the most formidable spa creation, consultancy and management companies in the world.

One area we discussed was the new evidence-based medicine portal for spa and wellness therapies - SpaEvidence - that was unveiled at the Global Spa Summit in Bali. We believe that the long-awaited amalgamation of spa ethos and scientific evidence is going to flourish, especially as this will show that spa therapies such as massage are genuinely good for your health.


Evidence-based medical spa science portal

The portal doesn't draw any conclusions; it gives spa goers and spa industry folks a chance to examine evidence that's been gleaned from scientific studies. We wouldn't be surprised if the savvy consumer didn't begin to demand more and more scientific evidence to support claims regarding the effectiveness, safety and benefits of spa treatments, before spending their spa pound.