Spa Trends for 2012: A healthy APPetite

Apr 2 2014

Stylish Spy


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How many of you got an iPhone, smartphone or iPad for Christmas? Our next spa trend for 2012 has to be health and wellness apps - designed especially for those on the move.

We've been astounded by the wealth of available apps to help and assist in almost every kind of health and wellness pursuit, and we predict that 2012 is going to see their popularity go into overdrive.

If you're looking to count calories and lose weight, there's an app for that

If you want guided meditation, there's an app for that

Want to build your own workout on-the-go? There's an app for that

Need to boost your confidence before that big presentation? Yep, you guessed it, there's an app for that, too.

From yoga to dieting, pain management to brain training, migraine mapping to food scanning -- there's an app out there for almost every health and wellness desire. And, amazingly, many of them are free, or cost just a few pennies.

Online and on-the-move gaming is going to be huge in 2012. 2011 saw Clarins take on the online gaming market with their Facebook game Spa Life. We're pretty sure it's only a matter of time before other big brands take advantage of the user engagement and loyalty that comes from providing great, engaging games with a brand story running through them.


Stylish Spy

2nd April 2014

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