Spa trends 2011: Public-sector spas

Mar 19 2014

Single Spy


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Spa London

Our last prediction was all about six-star luxury. At the other end of the scale, we've noticed a definite rise in the numbers of local-authority spas.

Starting with Spa London, The Porchester Spa followed, and now Deeside Leisure Centre in Wales is planning to have its very own public-sector spa too. The plans are to add a day-spa facility which will include a large thermal suite with a herb sauna, a crystal steam-room, a salt grotto, foot spas and an aroma room.

With the financial backing of the local councils, these spas are able to offer treatments and thermal experiences at very reasonable prices indeed, alongside the opportunity to experience a real sense of community within a spa setting.

The Porchester Spa

Here at the Good Spa Guide we believe spa-ing is a right, not just a privilege, so we are thrilled to bits to see more affordable spa experiences popping up -- keep them coming!

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Single Spy

19th March 2014

Spy Likes:

Warm floors when you put your bare feet upon them; heated treatment beds; soft towels; attention to detail, so that your treatment room looks and smells beautiful when you arrive in it.

Spy Dislikes:

Cold floors when you put your bare feet upon them; therapists who use your treatment time to write up a list of product "recommendations" that they hope you will purchase.

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