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Mar 19 2014

Sassy Spy

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It's Thursday. This means it's nearly Friday. Moments from the weekend. But it's raining cats-and-dogs outside, and spring couldn't seem further away.

Flippin' fantastic!

Here at The Good Spa Guide Headquarters, we have decided to cheer ourselves up with a look at some of the weird and wonderful gadgets and inventions out there that just might make spa-ing even better than it is already, if that's possible!

When it comes to weirdly wonderful, we all concur that High Tide Heels are the strangest high heels we have ever seen! Part flipper, part stiletto, Belgian artist Paul Schietekat's wacky take on aquatic footwear left us a little perplexed…

Do we love them or hate them? We can't decide!

Whilst the hushed serenity of a spa can be just the tonic we need to escape the furores of everyday life, sometimes we need a little soundtrack to our sanctuary. But, inevitably it's far from suitable to ask to exchange the spa music for something a little jazzier, and we daren't pop the radio on for fear of disturbing our fellow spa-goers.

spa-tastic sleephones

Fear not, Sleephones are the answer. These headphones, which are enclosed within a comfortable fleecy headband allow you to listen to whatever you want completely unencumbered – and without disturbing a soul!

As journalists, you're unlikely to catch us without a trusty pad and pencil. It's not always convenient to lug your laptop about, and you never know when a bolt of inspiration will strike.

inspiration whatever the weather

If, like us, you like to be able to work wherever you are, then we have found a spa-tastic solution! With a waterproof notepad, you'll be able to pen sonnets in the steam room, or haikus from the hot tub.

Why not write us a little ditty – send it to [email protected] and, if we like it, we'll send you a free copy of The Best Spas in Britain!

Well, that has cheered our spirits… Roll on the sunshine!


The Good Spa Spies x


Sassy Spy

19th March 2014

Spy Likes:

Luxurious scented candles; hot massage oil; being warm; unusual treatments; fluffy towels; natural light; firm pressure.

Spy Dislikes:

Mould; slamming doors; being walked in on while treatment in progress; therapists with cigarette-laced breath.

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