Spa news: Lansdowne Place launches Germaine de Capuccini treatments

Jan 1 2014

Student Spy


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Editor's Note - Lansdown Place closed in 2012.

Lansdowne Place is an elegant hotel on the Brighton and Hove seafront. It boasts magnificent architecture dating from the 1850s and of course, a luxury spa!

Relaxation loungers at Lansdowne Place Hotel and Spa, Hove Relaxation loungers at Lansdowne Place Hotel and Spa, Hove

We were invited to Lansdowne Place for the launch of the Germaine de Capuccini products, which will be used in all treatments at the spa. There was a demonstration of the Germaine de Capuccini Diamond Noir facial; this anti-ageing facial uses stones, crystals and minerals as these are rich in zinc and iron, and help to restore the skin and reduce signs of ageing. The facial is tailored to your skin type, to make sure you get the most out of the treatment. The black diamond mask used during the facial has a cooling, fizzing sensation on the skin – a Good Spa Spy tested some on her hand in the name of research!

An exotic Germaine de Capuccini massage therapy An exotic Germaine de Capuccini massage therapy

There was also a talk from Germaine de Capuccini's Julie McCann about the brand, and the products used in the treatments – including feathers used to waft fragrances around the room and awaken your senses. These fragrances used in treatments are also sold as eau de parfum so you can take the fragrance home with you.The incredibly wide Germaine de Capuccini range includes products and treatments for all skin types and all ages, from bathroom staples such as the Express Make-up Removal Water to the targeted Coffee Sculptor Firming Cream for toning legs, bums and tums!

Thermal spa facilities at Lansdowne Place Hotel and Spa, Hove Thermal spa facilities at Lansdowne Place Hotel and Spa, Hove

The spa at Lansdowne Place is subterranean, situated beneath the hotel's main reception; it has eight treatment rooms along with two dual treatment rooms, a sauna, steam room and relaxation room. The spa allows you to tailor your own spa experience: choose the treatments you want, add £15 for use of the facilities, and £15 for a two-course lunch, or £12 for afternoon tea. With treatments such as the Holistic Body Therapy treatment only £90 for one hour and 55 minutes, Lansdowne Place is an affordable place to relax on the South Coast.

See the full range of Germaine de Capuccini products and treatments.


Student Spy

1st January 2014

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