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Sep 10 2018

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Summer is over, it’s back to work and reality. That’s why we love that it’s National Spa Week September 10 – 17 – it gives us the perfect excuse to celebrate all things spa. Over 150 spas are taking part this year, with special offers and activities running all week. To find out more check out the National Spa Week website or go to, the official booking partner for NSW, to find spa experiences from as little as £15. Be aware that you don’t have to have your treatment this week, just book it.

At the Good Spa Guide we are highlighting everything that happens on Twitter and Facebook; there will be a new Spa of the Day every day this week; we have a Newsletter highlighting our favourite spas and another blog this Wednesday highlighting the best spas for families, romance, men and so on. Meanwhile the Spa Spies are out and about visiting lots of spas, so you can follow our adventures on Twitter.

The noble aim is to encourage more people into spas and more often, not just for indulgence and fun (although that too!): with stress levels on the increase, spas are centres of health and wellbeing and therefore vital for our self-care. Plus, the focus for the 2018 National Spa Week is inclusivity. There has been a move in the industry to welcome people undergoing treatment for cancer, to accommodate guests who have difficulties with mobility, or are blind or have dementia; National Spa Week will highlight the spas who are working hard to cater for all needs.

Why celebrate?

At the Good Spa Guide, we are already deeply aware that making regular spa visits a part of your lives could be a game changer. One of our Spa Spies, who had never been one for gyms and salads, found a week at a health retreat a year ago really did change her life. You may be surprised to know that we Spa Spies don’t spend our lives bubbling in hot tubs swilling Prosecco (not all of us, anyway). In fact, we’re all pretty health conscious and could bore for the UK on the latest wellbeing research.

We have become far more knowledgeable about nutrition, sustainability, skin care, gut health and the importance of taking control of your own health all through our regular spa trips. We have also been closely following the inspiring people who are working hard to make spas welcoming for those with cancer, dementia, menopause and other difficulties. We have also shared the love with our families, taking our families along to spas with us. For teens, learning to manage stress, take care of themselves physically and emotionally, and get a good skincare routine going early on is empowering and forward thinking. We have also been pleased to see more men heading to spas and taking better care of themselves. Last year, we let men take over The Good Spa Guide website and talk about spa-ing from a male point of view: it clearly broke a few taboos in what used to be seen as a female-centric world.

It’s been exciting to see the industry develop and grow, with new spas popping up across the country all the time. This is truly a great time to get spa-ing – so what are you waiting for? Go forth and spa.


The Spa Spy

10th September 2018

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