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Feb 12 2015

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There are a few treatments that use precious elements to sparkle your skin; gold, platinum, pearl and, of course, diamond. Spanish brand Natura Bissé is about to launch a new Diamond Rose Ritual facial, and we were lucky enough to be part of the select few who were given a preview.

My therapist, Carol, met me at a suite at the London Edition Hotel, just off Oxford Street. She talked me through the treatment, asked me to decide whether I wanted a mini hand and arm or foot massage and left the room while I made myself comfortable on the treatment bed.

The Diamond Rose Ritual has six steps. Firstly, a deep cleanse using products from the Diamond White Collection. The cleanser uses pomegranate, vitamin E and vitamin F to smooth, brighten and hydrate your skin. The next stage of the cleanse is a relatively gentle peel – which uses AHAs and salicylic acid to slough off dead cells from the skin surface. Carol warned me that it may be a bit tingly, but it was more of a warm feeling for me.

The second exfoliation came in the form of a more intense product. Carol applied a carbonated powder to my skin and activated it with serum botanica, using the principles of carboxytherapy to improve skin elasticity and promote collagen repair. Before application Carol warned me that it was likely to invoke quite a strong reaction, but it would only be for a short period of time. For about 30 seconds my skin felt really quite tingly and warm, but it didn’t edge into painful.

Carol removed the mixture and calmed my skin with a facial massage designed to temporarily lift the skin, using Natura Bissé’s Diamond Experience Essence. The cool, calming massage complemented the harsher exfoliations perfectly, and really worked the product into my skin.

Carol then painted a thick, cool alginated face mask onto my skin. The mask set on my skin and created a seal to push the ingredients of the serum in deeper. The feeling is very different from a face mask you’d use at home; it covers your eyes and mouth, but does leave your skin feeling beautifully moisturised.

While the mask worked its magic, Carol used the new damask rose products (I’m a fan of lighter rose scents so I enjoyed the rose scrub and mist) to exfoliate and massage my hands and arms – a delightful way of spending the time waiting for a mask to set. Carol then cleansed my skin and applied the finishing products of Diamond Experience Rose Oil and Rose Touch.

And the results? Really good. I’ve had patches of congestion for a month or two and the facial helped diminish the red angry blemishes on my forehead.

When my skin is poor I see a specialist facialist (dahling!) to treat the worst of the congestion and ease any scarring. This facial, partially due to the active ingredients, felt much more like a result-driven treatment than a gentle maintenance facial.

Carol was super knowledgeable and quickly gained my trust. She explained that Natura Bisse use mostly natural ingredients but pep them up in the lab. As I’m not gifted with naturally good skin, natural and organic products tend not to cut it for me. I am all for science where it can help.

There was a noticeable difference to my skin after the treatment. The active ingredients deeply cleansed my skin, but the mask and oil put enough nourishment back in to keep the treatment balanced. The facial included the right ingredients, expert skill and provided a good result. What more could a girl ask for?

The Diamond Rose Ritual will be available in selected spas from April.


Summer Spy

12th February 2015

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