Pamper your pooch at Harrods!

Mar 26 2014

Shy Spy


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Harrods Pet Spa logo

We thought spa-ing was just for people. How wrong we were.

The good folks over at the glamorous department store Harrods have stepped pet pampering up a notch with their Pet Spa.

Forget a quick shampoo and brush, The Pet Spa at Harrods is a "dedicated retreat" for pets -- perfect for when your precious puss is feline lacklustre (see what we did there?)

Designer Patrick Cox with Caesar at the launch party of The Pet Spa at Harrods

From thalassotherapy mud baths and blueberry and vanilla facials for your pampered pooch, a wash and fluff dry for your favourite feline, to an conditioning olive-oil treatment and pedicure for the "body-conscious tortoise", Harrods have pulled out all the stops to give your beloved pet a treat.

And if you're worried about your pet leaving with "spa hair", fear not! Custom hair-styling is also available.

Find out more about the Harrods Pet Spa 


Shy Spy

26th March 2014

Spy Likes:

Instant results; jasmine and frangipani scents; hot steam rooms; a good selection of magazines; modernist decor.

Spy Dislikes:

Whale noises (on CD, not in the pool hopefully); hard massage beds; tiny toilet cubicles; being spoken to like a child; lukewarm pools.

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