Mediterranean Bliss at Champneys

Mar 25 2014

Sassy Spy

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Champneys have come over all continental following the opening of their first spa abroad, in the hills of the Spanish town of Marbella. Champneys' newest range of Spa Indulgence products has been developed using the finest ingredients that España has to offer: yummy olive leaf, delicious fig milk and glorious green tomato.

These amazing products have been specially designed to help smooth out your winter skin, leaving you ready to face the summer sun, glowing and radiant.

The Mediterranean Bliss range

We are lucky enough to have a Champneys Town and City Spa in the Good Spa Guide's home town of sunny Brighton, and we were delighted to be invited to go and experience their latest treatment, featuring their brand-new product range!

Sedate Spy says:

"Champneys is a spa staple, and this new treatment doesn't disappoint. I had the mini Mediterranean Bliss Treatment. Whilst the full therapy includes hot stones and a body exfoliation, my mini treatment was sans stones, but it was certainly still blissful. The exfoliation left me soft and supple, and my massage helped pummel my neglected shoulders."

The new range is available at Champneys Town and City Spas, as well as at Boots stores nationwide. Included in the range are a body hydrator, bubble heaven, body glow and shower cream.


Sassy Spy

25th March 2014

Spy Likes:

Luxurious scented candles; hot massage oil; being warm; unusual treatments; fluffy towels; natural light; firm pressure.

Spy Dislikes:

Mould; slamming doors; being walked in on while treatment in progress; therapists with cigarette-laced breath.

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