Marathon Massage

Mar 6 2014

Shy Spy


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It's marathon season again. The London marathon is taking place on Sunday, and a few Good Spa Spies cheered runners on in the first Brighton marathon which took place last weekend. It seems like more and more people are taking part in marathons and charity runs these days, so what spa treatments or therapies might help you achieve your goals?

We quizzed Karla, a therapist at Champneys Town and City Spa, Brighton: "Try a hot stone therapy," she said. "They are particularly effective at warming and releasing stiff muscles. Also, aromatherapy oils are useful when it comes to helping with a massage. Ask for black pepper, peppermint or rosemary. All of these are good for stimulating and invigorating muscles."

If you run more than 35 miles a week, getting a sports massage can be beneficial. The more miles that you run, the more strain you put on your muscles. Sports massage can:

* reduce inflammation

* reduce build-up of lactic acid which causes muscular aches and pains

* help your muscles recover faster

* reduce your chances of developing a muscle injury.

As it's UK Spa Fortnight, you can really afford to splash out on a few treatments for yourself and your running buddy, too. Check out the great deals available, after all, this isn't a treat, it's training!


Shy Spy

6th March 2014

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