Lily Allen announces pregnancy

Mar 14 2014

Shy Spy


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Lily Allen

Everyone here at the Good Spa Guide is sending congratulations to Lily Allen following the news that she is expecting a baby.

Enjoying your pregnancy and getting the most out of those special months can sometimes be easier said than done.  However, many spas offer fantastic pregnancy well-being treatments and can provide a sanctuary of relaxation and calm -- as well as helping alleviate some pregnancy symptoms.  Massage is a recommended treatment during pregnancy, with spas offering tailored packages to ensure you are comfortable and relaxed.

The Good Spa Guide loves the Elemis Nurturing Massage for mothers-to-be (£75, 60 minutes) at Dart Marina in Dartmouth –- they made our pregnant spy feel relaxed, happy and tension-free.

Pregnancy Massage

Mama Mio is a world-renowned spa brand designed especially for pregnancy -- including body oils, firming creams, and other glorious potions and lotions to keep you feeling pampered. Urban Retreat in Harrods, Knightsbridge, offers a range of Mama Mio treatments – perfect for a blessed-out escape in the middle of the city.  The Mama Mio Yummy Tummy (£75, 1 hour 10 minutes) is a "facial for your tummy", and promises to hydrate, revive and relax, as well as help prevent stretch-marks.


Shy Spy

14th March 2014

Spy Likes:

Instant results; jasmine and frangipani scents; hot steam rooms; a good selection of magazines; modernist decor.

Spy Dislikes:

Whale noises (on CD, not in the pool hopefully); hard massage beds; tiny toilet cubicles; being spoken to like a child; lukewarm pools.

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