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Aug 7 2020

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For the Spa Spies, packing a spa bag is a fine art. Indeed, we have written many features about it, from what to wear at a spa and how to pack an eco-friendly spa bag.

But obviously, the world has changed since all we worried about was having a dry swimsuit to change into for lunch (you can read our article about what to expect on your first post-lockdown spa visit here).

As we Spa Spies prepare to begin reviewing spas once more, I have had to give my spa bag a serious rethink. Even though I know our spas and trust they will have thought of everything to keep us safe, I feel spa goers have a responsibility to our spas and fellow guests, too. Plus there’s something comforting in being prepared. With that in mind, I’ve already created my New Normal spa bag – all packed and ready to go.

Do let me know if I've forgotten anything...

**Make sure you check with your spa first about what they will provide. You may need to take your own robe, towel and flip-flops, or they may prefer you to use theirs for sanitary reasons.

Bag 1: The large spa bag

To stick in my locker. Longchamp’s La Pliage (from £75) is a longtime favourite. It’s light, roomy, foldable. It’ll contain the following:

Two swimsuits. All-in-ones for swimming, two-pieces for bubbling and lounging; change of underwear if just going for a treatment.

Flip-flops. Waves recycled (£20) in yellow are my go-to this summer.

Skincare. Ishga’s Active Seaweed Cleansing Lotion (£12), comes in a light 30ml bottle, contains natural ingredients that are antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and deeply moisturising.

ESPA minis. You can mix and match to create your own perfect post-spa collection. For example the Purifying Shampoo and Nourishing Conditioner (50ml, £3.50) plus the Optimal Skin Moisturiser (15ml, £13). Or I’ll be really good and get the Zero Waste Path 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner Bar, £7.50 from Peace with the Wild.

After spa-ing, nothing would feel more glorious in my mind than slipping on some Natura Bisse C+C Vitamin Body Cream (250ml, £88). I always feel a little dry after a spa, especially if the pools will have extra chlorine in accordance with new guidelines.

Deodorant. I am very taken with Wild’s sustainable deodorant. After the initial £12 outlay, it’s £5 every 2-4 months for a refill. Scents are rose, coconut, orange or mint. And yes, it works.

Don’t forget your hairbrush. This is my ‘note to self’, because somehow, I always do. And it’s not a good look… think Doc in Back to the Future.

Bag 2: To take into the spa

I want something light and maybe even waterproof like this KIND Bag (£10) made from plastic bottles. Or for fun this boobs bag: 25p goes to a breast cancer awareness charity.

Facemask. I love Migrate Art’s #masksformeals. Their striking reusable masks have artwork by artists on both sides, plus 100% of their net profits go to Refugee Community Kitchen to help them feed the UK’s homeless. A £19 mask equals 30 hot meals. They were inundated with orders when I looked, so while I wait I’m going with Plumo’s reusable masks, four layers of organic linen, which has natural anti-bacterial properties, and only £10-£15 each. For every mask sold they are donating to NHS charities.

Comfort Zone Hand sanitiser. The spa will have plenty of hand sanitiser dotted around, but it’s always handy to have your own. Spa brand Comfort Zone created its own sanitiser in the midst of the pandemic and donated 10,000 bottles to charities, partners and customers. You can buy a small or large version of the gel named Good Hope from for £5.50. Or try Ishga’s Hand Sanitiser, £6, which is COSMOS Organic certified by the Soil Association.

Pack of tissues, hand wipes and pouch to put them in. (It’s like being a mum to toddlers again.)

Sun protection. If the spa has an outdoor pool, I’ll carry around some Natural Bisse C+C Oil Free Macro-Antioxidant Sun Protection, (30ml, £54). I’ll apply Comfort Zone’s Sun Soul Face and Body Cream, (200ml, £23) before I go, but it’s good to have a top-up. And I’ll take a hat or bandana and some large shades to hide behind.

Water bottle. Staying hydrated in a spa is particularly important anyway. There are plenty of studies that say we to make extra sure we regularly drink water when we are stressed. I love the fancy eco ones from Chilly’s although the cheap and cheerful BPA free gym bottles are lighter.

Book. There are no more magazines in spas and since screen stress is a thing, I plan to leave my phone behind, and invest in a good old-fashioned paperback. I’ve just ordered Daisy Jones and the Six. If I have time to kill, I’ll take a notebook and pen for some inspired journaling.

Can't wait to get back. See you there!

This month I have been enjoying: Wild Life Botanicals sparkling white wine, especially at family social-distanced barbecues or after work al fresco drinks with friends. It's ultra low in alcohol and sugar, and high in miedicinal herbs, some of which I am sure make you as happy as a good Prosecco. And it tastes great, unlike most low alcohol drinks.


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7th August 2020

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