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Feb 26 2020

Savant Spy

Spa Spy

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Dear Offspring

I have one or two suggestions on what to get the Best Mother in the World (me, obvs) for Mother’s Day. Cut flowers are lovely, although you know I suffer with hay fever, and we only have the one vase since the other was used for crazy golf in half term. Chocolates are always welcome, although you lot do end up eating them when I’m at work.  

Here are a couple of gift ideas that would make your mum very happy and won’t set you back much more than a delivery from Interflora. Just saying….

Comfort Zone Skin Regimen Hand Cream (£20) or Tranquillity™ Home Fragrance (£60)

This Italian skincare company is one of your mother’s favourite spa brands – get me anything Comfort Zone and I will be your slave (oh, hang on. I already am). If you want to club together and get me something special, something that will benefit the entire family, I’d particularly love the reed diffuser – its Tranquillity™ fragrance is de-stressing, too, so will help us all survive the up-coming exam season. The Tranquillity™ room spray is a mere £30 if your budgets won’t stretch.



Where to buy:

Natura Bissé Inhibit Tensolift Neck Mask (£22)

“Short of surgery, there’s not a damn thing you can do about a neck,” wrote Nora Ephron in her hilarious collection of essays, I Feel Bad About My Neck. “Our faces are lies, and our necks are the truth.” Now it’s spring, cunningly arranged neck scarves and turtlenecks play havoc with the hot flushes, so it’s high time to address the face/neck balance. I am piling my hopes on this new neck mask from those clever skincare Spaniards Natura Bissé. There are two application packs – one for the neck, one for the décolletage, both areas that show signs of ageing and are often neglected.

Where to buy: or Harrods

Wild Life Botanicals Low Alcohol Bubbly (£25)

You know how mum likes her bubbly, (especially in a spa hot tub), but also does a lot of driving for her ungrateful offspring. This lovely low alcohol (0.5%) alternative to sparkling wine will make her a happier chauffeur. Nude or Blush (white or pink), the botanical ingredients give you the same lift as a good champers without the banging headache, and it tastes delicious. It comes beautifully packaged in a pretty box, so you won’t have to bother with wrapping paper.

Where to buy: Order a bottle from

Thank you kindly

Happy Mother's Day To Me...

What I’m reading: The Source by neuroscientist Dr Tara Swart, who is also an ambassador of spa company Aromatherapy Associates – it’s a brainy self-help guide. The Secret with less woo and more neuroplasticity.

Favourite new product: Comfort Zone’s Essential Mascara and Hydromemory Eye Gel, ingeniously paired in their Beautiful Eyes gift set, available in select spas.


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26th February 2020

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