Life Begins and the Green Caviar Facial at Ten Trinity

Nov 8 2019

Savant Spy

Spa Spy

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So far, 2019 has been all about aging positively for this Spa Spy – taking up horse-riding and wild swimming, finding some me-time, making the most of life and enjoying myself.

But this month, the theme is glamour. Thus, in the interests of research, I set out to find the ultimate Prima Donna anti-aging treatment.

No knives or needles. I wanted decadence, luxury - and to look ten years younger.

After a quick browse, I found something rather special at The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel London at Ten Trinity Square – a Luxury Green Caviar Lift Facial (90 minutes, £240).

The treatment is a combination of the famous CACI, which uses microcurrents to tone and lift my slackening facial muscles, plus extortionately luxurious and results-driven Swiss skincare products, including a gold face mask and the abovementioned green caviar. Whatever that is…

First Impressions

Alighting at Tower Hill, I immediately saw the vast temple-like Four Seasons Hotel on the corner of Trinity Square, its gigantic white columns and steps leading up to the gleaming marble lobby. How grand.

A lift took me down to The Spa with its curved gold-leaf mosaic tiled walls and glowing copper plinth desks - it was like entering a Fabergé Egg. My coat was whisked away, and I was given rose tea and a scented towel, then had my general area spritzed with rose mist (not because I smelt of the Underground rather than chauffeur driven Merc, I hope).

The changing rooms were atmospherically lit and terribly chic: there are three, each with lockers, a vanity bar and a central oval leather bench. There is also a steam room and private cubicles. I slipped into a satiny robe lined with soft fleece and a pair of black sliders, then headed to the small relaxation area, which has three beds in little cubicles and a white corner sofa.

Tell us about the treatment

My therapist, Frankie, led me to treatment room, adjusted the huge bed so I felt comfortable and checked the temperature and music – I could choose between three playlists, classical, jazz and chill out (I went for the latter).

She invited me to inhale essential oils, then cleansed my face and examined it under the lamp. She was very complimentary – apparently, I have good pores – and offered to add a treatment that would plump and smooth my lips. Yes, please.

Frankie exfoliated my skin with a bamboo scrub with shea butter, then after another cleanse, applied a gel that helps conduct the electrical currents. The first machine treatment was a flat stick with rotating pads that felt mildly warm and tingly, plus red LED lights said to be anti-aging. Then came the ‘lip rake’, also soothing, followed by prongs with added serum which Frankie swept across my face, stimulating my muscles. I noticed a metallic taste in my mouth, which is more pronounced if you have fillings (guilty as charged).

I enjoyed the way Frankie occasionally fluttered a folded fan to cool and soothe my face throughout the treatment – very recherché.

After the machine had completed its task, Frankie gave me a manual facial massage, then applied a cooling gold face mask with Chardonnay. She then applied eye gel, serum and the moisturiser containing green caviar (a type of seaweed harvested in Japan, not actual caviar).

After the treatment, she raised the bed and gave me a moment to come back to earth, then led me to the relaxation room, bringing me green tea, nuts and dried fruit on a little tray. My skin after looked luminous and toned. My complexion looked so even and buttery-smooth, I thought I’d been airbrushed.

Ten Trinity Square Private Club

After dressing, I went up two flights in the lift to the exclusive Ten Trinity Private Club, to meet my well-connected friend for lunch. Think wood-panelling, lamplit landscapes, elegant chandeliers, and long sash windows with views over London. There’s a cigar lounge and a Château Latour tasting room, plus the Dining Room.

Our food was divine, not surprisingly; Michelin-starred French chef Anne-Sophie Pic oversees a menu inspired by generations of her family’s cuisine, who run Maison Pic in Valence (her grandfather was awarded three Michelin stars). We both had a perfect pumpkin velouté with ravioli followed by John Dory, washed down with a velvety Canadian Chardonnay.

My only faux pas was thinking I could eat a truffle – I thought they were offering not displaying! I saw the eyebrows raise as I plucked one and was about to take a nibble, so I quickly returned it to its little tray.

I think I got away with it …

Ten Trinity Square Private Club offers members access to the luxurious Spa at Four Seasons. Members can enjoy facilities which include: indoor swimming pool, vitality pool, sauna, hammam, steam room and state-of-the-art fitness centre and personal training service. For Ten Trinity Square Private Club and The Spa at Four Seasons membership enquiries, please call  +44 (0)20 3297 9330 or email [email protected].


Savant Spy

8th November 2019

Spy Likes:

Clever, inspiring design, sublime views, a vast, clean and empty pool, solitary relaxation areas to read, write or commune with my muse.

Spy Dislikes:

Small talk, discussions about spirituality or astrology, any products containing tea tree oil or aloe (sadly am allergic), busy pools where you can’t do laps.

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