Kate Middleton’s beauty secrets REVEALED!

Mar 20 2014

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She's the talk of the town, the belle of the proverbial ball, the apple of the nation's eye. Move over, Cheryl Cole, there's a new princess in town – and this one's for real!

Kate Middleton is the name on everyone's lips as the Royal Wedding approaches. As excitement mounts, Miss Middleton's complexion remains almost mystically dewy, radiant and luminous.

Is this the glow of true love?

The resonance of impending power?

The dazzling effect of a cash-free existence?


Or, it could be the future Queen's beauty regime that is leaving her so polished and perfect.

According to Julie Cichocki, skincare expert at Karin Herzog, Swiss Oxygen Skincare:

"Some may say Ms. Middleton bares the glow of a woman in love, but her radiant complexion is actually down to her efficacious skincare regime using products by Karin Herzog, Swiss Oxygen Skincare. Kate uses Professional Cleansing Cream, Oxygen Face Cream and Vita-A-Kombi 3 Spot Zapper to leave her skin rejuvenated, bright and hydrated. The 2% Oxygen contained in Oxygen Face Cream really helps to detoxify and fight the type of bacteria that causes spots and it is a gentle but advanced formula that brings the best out in Kate's young, luminous skin".

If you fancy a taste of the regal way of life, you too can emulate Kate's effortless aplomb without having to worry about bagging yourself a prince, or spending the rest of your natural light under the constant glare of the unforgiving media.

Le Kalon at The Bentley London

Karin Herzog products and treatments (including the oxygen range) are available at a number of spas including:

Alexandra House, Huddersfield

Amala Spa, Birmingham

Le Kalon Spa at The Bentley London

Or you can buy the full oxygen range online at http://www.karinherzog.com/en/shop/


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20th March 2014

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