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Apr 16 2014

Scarlet Spy


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Five Bubble SenSpa at Carey’s Manor is now offering KORE therapy as one of its well-being packages. A mixture of Western diagnostics and Oriental techniques, KORE aims to find and target the cause of the illness, rather than just easing the symptoms.

So how exactly does KORE work?

KORE (Kinaesthetic Optimum Recovery Enhancement) therapy focuses on the improvement of bodily position, weight, muscle tension and movement. It uses muscle testing (applying pressure on different parts of the body to assess the muscular response) to see whether the muscle and its controlling circuits are in balance. Healing methods such as Tui Na, Qi Gung, Anmo Fu, Cranial Balancing and Cupping can then be used to help restore the body’s natural flow of energy.

What to expect on the day

A KORE therapist will start the treatment by chatting to you about your health and lifestyle to understand relating influences. You’ll then be asked to lay fully-dressed on a therapy bed while the practitioner assesses different muscles and positioning. Your therapist may also offer some lifestyle suggestions to help reduce the chances of reoccurring symptoms.

And what can KORE help with?

SenSpa suggests that KORE therapy is suitable for all ages and can help with musculoskeletal, digestive, energy and emotional issues. KORE’s official website recommends the therapy for most areas of illness and recovery, but also says it can help improve sporting performance and fitness.

And why is it special now?

Carey’s Manor, Readers' Spa of the Year in the South East in 2013, is the first independent spa to offer this alternative therapy. Spa-goers can try KORE therapy as part of their day of relaxation and see whether it will help with ongoing health issues.

If you’d like to give it a go, Carey’s Manor currently offers a sixty minute KORE Therapy session for £76.


Scarlet Spy

16th April 2014

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