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Mar 18 2014

Stylish Spy


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We have to admit, our pain thresholds here at GSG Headquarters aren't much to shout about. We shy away from needles like Superman from kryptonite and, whilst we aren't adverse to a good session in the gym, believe us -- we will complain for days afterwards about our aching limbs!

However, when we heard about buccal technique massage, we couldn't help but be intrigued -- despite claims that it can be "acutely painful". Woah -- strong words indeed.

Buccal technique massage claims to prime and tone your facial muscles, reduce jaw tension, oxygenize your skin cells and encourage blood circulation. Cool, fine, brilliant, what's the hitch?

Well -- this massage takes place inside your mouth.

Yes, you read it right. This bizarre massage pushes and prods around the inside of your mouth utilising techniques very similar to Rolfing -- stretching and manipulating your muscles to promote balance and flexibility. Apparently, your jaw muscle is second only to your heart when it comes to complex muscles, and the right "holistic epidermologist" can considerably improve your skin tone, texture and smoothness using the buccal technique.

It would appear buccal massage is hot in Celebland as well -- according to a reputable source (ok, Google), Angelina Jolie, Scarlett Johansson and Keira Knightley have all had a go. Buccal technique is also said to be able to help improve elocution too, not that Ms Knightley has much trouble there!

You can expect to pay around £200 for one hour of buccal technique massage with a specialist practitioner.


Stylish Spy

18th March 2014

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