Eve Lom at The Treatment Rooms, Brighton

Mar 3 2014

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Earlier this month, I was invited to the Treatment Rooms in Brighton to meet Eve Lom, the Queen of the Facial, in person. Eve is one of the most respected facialists in the world. Her award-winning range of products have been likened to the holy grail in skincare and her signature facial has acquired a devoted and loyal following.

Her skincare philosophy is based on simple principles: less is more and deep, thorough cleansing. Eve Lom believes that women do too much to their skin. She strongly believes that there are no miracle cures, and to achieve great skin you must adopt a holistic approach to the way you live. She believes that the skin reflects the body’s physical and emotional states and that a balanced diet is a key factor. Avoiding the over-use of cosmetics and drinking plenty of water will help, too.

I asked Clare Rogers, the owner of Treatment Rooms, why Eve Lom was visiting the spa. She replied, "She likes to visit twice a year to check the therapists haven't got into any bad habits! She has been incredibly supportive of us and I respect how she monitors her brand. Most suppliers just want to keep taking orders with little interest in how you deliver the treatment!"

Eve's training is quite intense. Eve personally checks the therapists' hands before they are selected for training; it's all in the touch. Eve believes that a good therapist has an intuitive touch and connects with the client during the treatment.

I asked Eve for some skincare advice for the Good Spa Guide readers. She stressed how important it is to cleanse and moisturise. We all neglect the neck and chest, so don’t forget these areas. And most importantly of all -- drink plenty of water.

How does Eve Lom relax? She loves the opera, a glass or two of champagne and a good book. She told me that over the years she has learned to enjoy the small but beautiful things in life.

It was a pleasure to meet Eve Lom. She has a warm, calming presence and her inner glow is testimony to her philosophy of the importance of balance.


Single Spy

3rd March 2014

Spy Likes:

Warm floors when you put your bare feet upon them; heated treatment beds; soft towels; attention to detail, so that your treatment room looks and smells beautiful when you arrive in it.

Spy Dislikes:

Cold floors when you put your bare feet upon them; therapists who use your treatment time to write up a list of product "recommendations" that they hope you will purchase.

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