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Apr 8 2020

Spirited Spy


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During a recent Zoom with colleagues, it was pointed out to me just how much I touch my face. Since then, I became hyperaware of touching my cheeks, my eyebrows, running my fingers around my eye and lip area… Not a problem in a previous life, but now the advice from WHO and the NHS is that touching your face is one of the ways to potentially catch/spread coronavirus.

So, how do I stop touching my face? It’s easier said than done: as soon as anyone says ‘Don’t touch your face’ I start to feel an itch on my nose… you’re probably doing it now!

I’ve been busy researching ways to avoid this, psychological tricks to change a lifetime habit I wasn’t even aware of.

So, here are some ways to stop playing around with your face and alternative ways to ease the discomfort.

Keep your hair tied back

Sometimes, hair products can irritate your skin or a stray hair will tickle away at your forehead. If you have sensitive skin, it’s best to keep your hair away from your face – clip it or tie it back.

For those that wear glasses

Ensure you are cleaning your glasses frequently, especially if you take them off every so often and put them down onto surfaces. It’s best to keep some antibacterial wipes on you which you could also use on your hands afterwards.

A scratching tool

It might be a good idea to keep a face scratching tool on you (make sure to clean it after every use). Great examples of these can be Gua Sha tools or face rollers. Not only do they provide instant relief from pesky face itches, they have the added long term benefit of keeping your skin plump and firm with a good massage.

Do an at-home facial

Your skin will feel even more itchy and bothersome if it is not properly cleansed and hydrated. Dry, flaky skin, or old skin cells will add irritation.

Extra cleansing

Cleansing is so important for removing dead cells and dirt, all things that will make you touch your face. Adding a gentle cleansing brush can make all the difference to your skincare routine. A Foreo Luna is a great example that is soft on the skin due to its silicone bristles. Not only will it help get rid of any dead skin, the vibrations will act like a mini massage to your face.

Comfort Zone Essential Face Wash, 150ml, £22

First things first – cleansing your face is an essential. This face wash by Comfort Zone will help get rid of any dirt and impurities on the skin. It’s a cream that lathers up into a foam so it’s super easy to use, especially in conjunction with a face brush. It doesn’t strip my skin dry which adds to itchy, irritated sensations  – I already suffer from dry and dehydrated skin, so this has been great at keeping my skin balanced.

Extra hydration

Elemental Herbology At-home Facial Set, £49

This set includes the Cell Plumping Moisturiser (50ml), a sachet of the Nutrition Infusion Sheet Mask and the Rose Quartz Facial Roller.

After cleansing, apply a sheet mask: it feels great on tired and dehydrated skin. Use the Infusion Sheet Mask first and leave it on for about 15 mins. I use the facial roller over the mask in upward motions all around my face to really help it sink in. As soon as I take it off, my skin glows like I’ve just had a professional facial. It also feels super plump.

Now, time to moisturise (ensuring my hands are washed first!). The Cell Plumping Moisturiser is infused with royal jelly and argan oil which is said to encourage collagen synthesis. After I pat it in, I like to give my face gentle light taps which is said to promote blood circulation.

Use a Gua Sha tool with facial oil for extra vitality

Hayo’u Revive Beauty Oil, 30ml, £33

You may have already heard of Gua Sha, the massage tool based on ancient Chinese skincare. It's proponents claim many benefits such as promoting collagen production, resulting in a healthier looking complexion. I use mine with The Revive Beauty Oil by Hayo’u which is infused with camellia and palmarosa oils. It’s super lightweight and seeps into the skin beautifully – a surprise as oils tend to be quite thick and, quite frankly, too oily. It has a beautiful, soft and herbaceous aroma which isn’t overpowering. I put a few drops in my hand and slowly work it into my face by pressing it in rather than rubbing. I then take my Gua Sha tool and perform the simple ritual (follow it along here). It really helps with any itching sensations as you have to press down onto your skin and go in upward motions. I notice that my skin goes slightly red after this, making me look radiant and dewy.

Spas are sadly closed but you can support your favourite spa with a  voucher purchase to treat yourself or a loved one when normal life resumes.  Visit your spa on Good Spa Guide and look for ‘Gift Vouchers’ on the right hand side.  If the link is not there, try visiting your spa’s website.


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8th April 2020

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