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Sep 4 2019

The Spa Spy

Spa Spy

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Like many people without kids and cash for holidays, I’ve spent most of summer hunched over a computer screen, which studies say can take a toll on your mental and physical health.

Health and work are both important to me, and there’s no reason one can’t exist without the other. I have worked out a simple wellness routine that fits nicely into my working day – maybe some of my ideas will inspire you.

First thing

I cannot emphasise enough how important my morning skincare routine is to me. If I ever try and skip this, my skin will feel dehydrated for the rest of the day – an unfortunate side effect of working at a computer with air-con. A cleanser is vital - I am addicted to ESPA Refining Skin Polish which comes in a glass jar and is jam packed with essential oils, perfect for sloughing off grime at the end of the day and waking my skin come morning. After than, I put on my vitamin c serum, SPF and a thick moisturiser.

Next, a healthy breakfast will give me the energy I need to operate at full throttle until lunch. For ease, I make an overnight oat jar - mix oats, soya or oat milk, agave nectar and chia seeds and leave it in the fridge overnight. It’s delicious and nutritious. Sometimes I top it off with berries for an extra treat.

My desk

My desk is like a second home, I spend so much time there. What you do with yours will be personal to you. You may find that keeping plants at your desk does nothing for you; maybe instead a few inspiring quotes around your computer may provide inspiring touchstones. It’s been a learning curve for me to transform my work-space into a place.

I have two tiny plants on my desk and a spray bottle, so I remember to water them frequently. I find this therapeutic to do but it also makes my desk look more attractive. I also like to keep my space organised, allowing my mind to be stress and clutter free.

I keep a fruit bowl usually filled with bananas, nectarines and satsumas to remind myself to eat healthily throughout the day.

I have a large water bottle at my desk to hydrate myself throughout the day: it also avoids any waste. I have tried apps in the past to monitor my water intake, but found the best method is to just get a large bottle and keep it in front of you as a constant reminder.


I bring in my own lunches which are usually leftovers from the night before. It means I can avoid any plastic food packaging, plus it’s also more nourishing to have a home-cooked meal.

I read most of the time on my lunch breaks and listen to a classical music playlist to fix all of my attention away from anything work related. I’m currently reading the Art of Happiness by the Dalai Lama and Howard Cutler which is about achieving inner peace and happiness.

Keep moving

I regularly like to walk around and give my legs a stretch which helps my bad posture. I do desk yoga occasionally: it’s not as awkward as it sounds, honest! It helps that a lot of people in my office have started it too. Chair pigeon pose, seated crescent moon, cat-cow stretch and seated spinal twist are great on my back and it only takes a few minutes. If you don’t feel comfortable doing it at your desk, a quick trip to the bathroom for some stretches will do.

Favourite work-friendly podcasts

While working, I listen to a podcast which I find helps me with my concentration. The office can be very quiet at times so it’s nice to have something to delve deep into. My favourite podcasts are Deliciously Ella, where the topics range from veganism to skincare. The Lavendaire Lifestyle which is all about spirituality, yoga and self-care. Finally, Clean Beauty Insiders by BYBI Beauty covers sustainability, ethical fashion, climate change and vegan skincare, all topics which I’m very interested in (if you hadn’t guessed that already).


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4th September 2019

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