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Mar 11 2020

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I love Mother’s Day. It’s a great excuse to catch-up with my mum and have some ‘girl’ time. We usually go out to eat or sit at a cosy café and chit-chat over a coffee. We do this all year round, to be fair, but on Mother’s Day, it’s her day and I am on my best behaviour.

Giftwise, I usually get her some beautiful orchids (her favourite) or a giant bouquet of flowers. I also make her a card – you can’t beat handmade – with our photos on it: adorable, right. She loves it, although she does insist that I mustn’t get her anything.

This year, I want to step it up a bit, go for uber-daughter points and get her some spa gifts. One day, I will book us a mother and daughter Spa Day – I can’t imagine a better way of celebrating. But for now, I have hand-picked some lovely, eco-friendly (of course) items that I know she will enjoy. I want her to feel special, pampered and beautiful as a reminder that she means so much to me and I’m so grateful for everything she does.

Towelsoft Luxury Towelling Bathrobe (£54.90)

The Towelsoft luxurious towelling Bathrobe is a perfect spa themed gift. It’s made of pure Egyptian cotton and a 550gsm in weight, making it snug and cosy. It’ll feel like you’ve just stepped out of a hot tub. It has a shawl collar that’s snug and deep cuffs. It’s also unisex and has several colours you can choose from – this gift is literally like a warm hug to your mum!

Kypwell Deep Moisturising Cream (50ml, €50)

A sustainable and vegan brand from Cyprus. Kypwell aims to change the beauty industry by educating everyone on the benefits of both natural beauty and the packaging it comes in. Their product packaging is made up of 100% recycled cork which is biodegradable. Their Mountain Spring Deep Moisturising Cream is created to achieve a glowing complexion. It’s packed with vitamins, bioactives and plant extracts to keep the skin healthy and hydrated. They have other lovely creams to target different skin concerns.

Skin Regimen Hand Cream (75ml, £20)

You can’t go wrong with a good hand cream. It’s perfect for keeping hands super soft and nourished in the outdoors chill or indoors drying central heating. Skin Regimen combines beauty with sustainability. Their formulas use superfood extracts and powerful botanicals. It’s made up of 97% natural origin ingredients and is free from silicones or synthetic fragrances. It sinks in super quickly and makes your skin glow – much needed during these cold months!

I hope mum loves her gifts – and a happy mother’s day to you and yours.


Student Spy

11th March 2020

Spy Likes:

Good food; friendly therapists; decent music to listen to during a treatment; therapists who understand that exams make you feel really stressed.

Spy Dislikes:

Robes that are too big for people who are only five foot tall; swimming pools with no room to swim; too much healthy food.

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