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Mar 4 2014

Sassy Spy


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The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has successfully prosecuted Waveriver, the owner of the Skin Health Spa chain, for operating hair removal lasers without registration.

The CQC was successful in five separate cases against Waveriver Limited, which now faces fines and costs of around £13,000. Hair removal lasers were being used illegally at five branches of the Skin Health Spa chain, including one within the Selfridges department store.

Therapists who operate type 3b and 4 lasers, IPL lasers and tattoo removal treatments must be registered with the CQC to operate legally. This is to ensure quality standards and to protect consumers.

Tim Weller, CQC senior enforcement manager, said: "IPL and lasers can cause harm if they are not used properly. That's why we register services and check they are meeting standards on quality and safety."

If you are considering laser treatment, do your research and check that the service is registered. You can check on the CQC's website.

The CQC is an independent regulator that inspects all health and adult social care services in England, whether they're provided by the NHS, local authorities, or private companies.

Before you book, ask about your therapist's registration and professional qualifications, about the safety procedures and the risks. Any good spa or treatment rooms will be happy to tell you more.


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4th March 2014

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