Botox without needles? Do we have to drink it?!

Mar 17 2014

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It's been celeb-tastic in the GSG Office today. From Gavin Henson in his boxers to Elizabeth Hurley and the ever-present airbrush, they seem to keep popping up! All of this got the spies talking … with picture-perfect bods and flawless skin bounding about, it's hard not to get just a little disheartened when you look in the mirror (especially here at GSG HQ – the lighting in our loo is anything but flattering!)

Just as we began preparations to hibernate under our desks until the more flattering rays of summer sun returned, the dulcet tones of "you've got mail" changed our outlook.

There seems to be something of a needle phobia at GSG, so when Sienna Day Spa at the Radisson Edwardian Hotel, Manchester got in touch about a brand new treatment, deemed "Botox without needles", our spirits soared (after we realised this didn't involve drinking botulinum toxin!).

So … what's the hype?

The Chrono Reverser and Glorious Skin facial is an hour of dedicated facial treatments designed to leave you with an "exceptional lifting radiance effect". Using a unique blend of active ingredients in a gentle facial peel and Glorious Skin mask, Sienna Spa claim this treatment will deliver outstanding results.

What do you get?

You'll start with a thorough cleanse and tone, then get prepped for the acid application (ooh, err…). You'll then have the Chrono Reverser gel applied, which acts like a gentle peel (phew, that doesn't sound so bad…) -- utilising a combination of active ingredients that aim to rejuvenate and hydrate your skin.

But, that's not all!

Following this, you'll also receive a full facial featuring lymphatic drainage to encourage the removal of those naughty toxins and stimulate the production of that lovely collagen. To finish, you'll be slathered in Glorious Skin serum and leave looking fresher and firmer.

What's more – all this is just £65! Wowzer.

The treatment is apparently receiving rave reviews from very happy customers including Rita from Salford who says,"The results are really amazing. One hour later and I have lost stress lines and tired looking skin. Really believe I have lost 5 years off my face!"

Well, I do declare, this sounds good… maybe we will be able to venture out this winter after all ... once we've taken a trip to the Radisson Edwardian Hotel in Manchester, that is!


Stylish Spy

17th March 2014

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