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Mar 20 2014

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Readers of this blog will know that when it comes to steamy heat, or water therapy, I'm a huge fan. Combine the two, in dazzling natural surroundings, and it's hard to imagine a more delighted Spy.

Visiting the Blue Lagoon has always been on my Must-Do list. A trip to Reykjavik to see the Northern Lights meant that I was finally able to visit. Reykjavik Excursions picked me up directly from my hotel. As I was flying back to the UK later that day, they securely stored my luggage at the Lagoon gates. The outing is the perfect pre- or post-flight tonic as the Blue Lagoon lies half-way between the airport and Reykjavik town centre.

The road to the Blue Lagoon, Iceland

It was snowing when I arrived. Icy winds blew, bringing the temperatures to a frosty -10°C. The sky was dove grey. The path that led to the Lagoon twisted and turned with snow-flecked volcanic black rocks lining the path on each side. On the bus trip, I'd caught tantalising glimpses of steam rising, from what I guessed was the Lagoon on the horizon.

The hidden entrance made me feel that I was about to experience something a little magical.

The reception area was smart, clean, and far more modern than I'd pictured. A recent refurbishment and expansion has created a truly stylish space, with a cafe bar and restaurant area with stunning views over the Lagoon. Check-in was swift. I opted to try the exclusive lounge, which gives you access to your own locked private changing and shower room, and also a relaxing VIP lounge with fresh fruit, herb teas and bowls of delicious chocolates! I loved that you could access the lagoon though a private swim-through door, too. Very ritzy.

Running barefoot through the snow to reach the steaming Lagoon, with its milky-blue water, is something that will stay with me forever. I'm a total coward when it comes to the hot/cold thing, even though I know how good it is for you! But when in Iceland, do as the Icelanders do...

The waters of the Blue Lagoon, Iceland

So, with my feet numb from the snowy cold, I splashed into the pool and felt the hot-bath-warmth of the thermal water instantly heat my chilly body -- and make my feet tingle!

The silky-soft geothermal water is silica-rich, and silica has impressive healing and anti-ageing properties.

My skin definitely felt smooth after a few hours bobbing around, and somehow tighter, more youthful-looking, too. One warning: the silica plays havoc with your hair!

My advice: load up your hair with conditioner and wear a bathing cap!

I'd booked in for a 20-minute water massage. To the side of the main lagoon was a quiet, smaller pool area. Here, therapists dressed in warm hats and waterproof fleeces were in the water, gently steering around blissed-out clients on inflatable beds, covered in waterproof blankets!

Once I'd managed to rather gracelessly climb on board my floating bed, my therapist covered me in a blanket, which initially felt chilly, but, as the warm water penetrated, heated up. I slipped down the straps of my swimming costume and wriggled it down to my waist. I was still completely covered up, though, and didn't feel at all embarrassed. My therapist applied a generous coating of oil to my back and began a gentle massage, applying pressure between the inflatable bed and my back, neck and arms.

The waters are essentially self-cleaning as the lagoon holds six million litres of geo-thermal brine, all of which is renewed in 40 hours. While my massage was going on, my therapist slowly towed me around the pool. My eyes were closed. I was conscious only that I was floating, slowly moving, and feeling probably more womb-like than I'd felt in 40 years! It was an amazing experience. The breathtakingly beautiful surroundings, combined with the expert pressure-point and smooth-strokes massage that I received in such an unusual way, was absolutely fantastic. I'm already planning a summer visit back to see what Iceland is like when the sun stays up for days on end!


Sassy Spy

20th March 2014

Spy Likes:

Luxurious scented candles; hot massage oil; being warm; unusual treatments; fluffy towels; natural light; firm pressure.

Spy Dislikes:

Mould; slamming doors; being walked in on while treatment in progress; therapists with cigarette-laced breath.

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