Are you a pampered prince and proud, or do you groom on the go?

Apr 3 2014

Stylish Spy


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Here at GSG HQ we're big fans of social media (join us on Twitter and Facebook). It's a fantastic way to keep in touch, in real time, with our wonderful readers and keep abreast of the latest happenings in the worlds of spa, beauty, health and wellness.

Over on Twitter we've been chatting with the fantastic Pampered Prince about the tendency for  male grooming products to often take the "No Fuss" "Wash-and-Go" approach rather then encouraging guys to enjoy the ritual of skincare and spa-at-home experiences.

Pampered Prince says:

Pampered Prince

"All men's grooming products seem to be marketed as 'fuss-free'. Am I the only man who actually likes the fuss?!

I don't care for manly packaging or masculine smells....I care for results, nothing more nothing less.

It's all about the ritual for me. A little piece of spa at home. Everyday can be a spa day. Personally having problem skin I choose to take a little longer on my routine. I also love the spa experience of it."

If you take a look at TV adverts, whereas women are seen sinking into a deep, bubbly bath, or escaping their hectic life with a lock-yourself-in-the-bathroom pampering experience, most men's products see a guy hopping into the shower, having a two-second scrub then dashing to the office/a game of squash/a date and generally getting on with their lives again as quickly as possible.



Where do you stand? Is pampering solely for princesses? Or are you proud to be a pampered prince?

The Grooming Guru

Lee Kynaston aka The Grooming Guru thinks that men reward themselves with great products rather than pamper time, but says it's imperative that guys don't rush the grooming process:

"My own personal feeling is that men don't 'get' pampering in the way women do because we're sold the idea that efficacy is all. And to a degree that's true - it is where men are concerned - but that doesn't mean men don't like being fussed over, which explains why more and more men are opting for spa treatments.

When it comes to using products at home, though, I think men reward themselves not with "me-time" but with quality products instead. Men's version of pampering is to invest in the best - to use Elemis rather than Gillette or Molton Brown rather than Radox for example.

Personally, I am always advising men to take a little more time and care over their daily grooming regimes - especially when it comes to shaving. Most of men's problems with it - nicks, cuts and shaving rash for example - is because they rush things!"

Here at GSG we think everyone deserves some me-time, and that includes the guys - but it's up to you how you get that time. Looking after your skin and taking time to relax is as important for the guys as it is for the girls. Stress, tension and exhaustion affect both genders in equal abundance, so why should looking after yourself and your wellbeing be a female-only pursuit?

So, who's with us? Come on guys - tell us what makes the perfect male grooming regime!


Stylish Spy

3rd April 2014

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