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  • Author

    Scottish Spy

  • Age 50s
  • Skin type Normal - dry

Spa Likes

"Picturesque views; firm massages; friendly therapists who make you feel at ease; stylish interiors; attention to detail; outdoor hot tubs; infinity pools; fluffy robes and towels; a good selection of spa treatments."

Spa Dislikes

"Any attempt to hard sell; inconsiderate therapists; areas in need of a clean; rowdy guests; cheap toiletries; restaurant menus that are overly healthy; cold swimming pools; no private changing areas; paper pants."

About this spy

Scottish Spy is a globe-trotting travel writer who enjoys easing her jet lag, tired muscles and frazzled nerves in the spa. She is a nature lover who has a penchant for organic products that are kind to both her skin and the environment.

“Hot tubs, saunas and treatment rooms with scenic views are the most calming thing for me, whether it's of a Scottish loch, a tropical island or the ocean from a cruise ship!”

— Scottish Spy

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