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Life Begins Gets Back in the Saddle

Savant Spy tries horse riding at 50 - and feels 40 years younger


Introducing…. the Life Stage Diaries

New mum, Eco Millenial, Life Begins and The Chairman - all on different life journeys for 2019


Spa Spy Life Stages: The Chairman

Spas have long been part of my life


Spa Spy Life Stages: Eco Millennial

How to spa when you're young, broke and have a planet-saving conscience.


Spa Spy Life Stages: New Mum

I've spent the last couple of months trying to make the new mum/working mum adjustment.


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Savant Spy at 50 wonders what to do with her new found freedom...


What to put in your zero-waste spa bag

The Spa Spy soothes your plastic guilt with solutions for an eco-spa bag.


Fork to Spa

The Spa Spy muses on home-grown ingredients in spa kitchens and treatments.


Recipe: The Alternative Kitchen Shiitake Stuffed Seitan Plait

You’ll love this plait created by The Alternative Kitchen, full of mushrooms, pinto beans…


The Vegan Diaries - Veganuary 2018

How hard is it to go vegan? And is it worth it? The Spa Spy gave up her beloved cheese for…