Our unique Bubble Rating®system

Our bubbles indicate our overall verdict of each spa, and give a general guide to what you can expect..

Three bubbles spa

Three Bubbles


"Nice, might go there again"

Three bubble spas are normally great for social spa-ing or if you have a few hours to escape the family. They will offer good treatments, facilities to help you relax and unwind and usually a spa-style lunch. Three bubble spas may not be a den of decadence, but they will leave you feeling well looked after and pampered.

Four bubbles spa

Four Bubbles


"Mmm, take me back"

Four bubble spas will normally provide an excellent spa experience with lovely facilities, luxurious treatments and lavish lunches. There may be a slight break in the spa journey (such as having to leave the spa to eat) or the facilities may not be as up to date as others, but it should provide you with blissful pampering.

Five bubbles spa

Five Bubbles


"I'll be back next weekend"

Five bubble spas will give you the whole package; an uninterrupted spa journey, tip top treatments, first rate facilities and fabulous customer service. You should not encounter any queues (it really ruins the vibe), mould in the showers or lacklustre food! Be prepared for a slice of spa luxury.

Five bubble luxury spa

Five Bubble Luxury


"Shut the door, I'm not leaving"

Five bubble luxury spas are seriously special. Expect spectacular facilities, soothing and enriching treatments, award-winning cuisine and flawless customer service. A 30,000 bottle wine cellar? You bet. Diamond facials? Of course! Michelin stars? Absolutely. Get ready to be impressed.

Spas with a Bubble Rating will have been reviewed by our team of spa experts within the past two years. We assess spas on subjects such as cleanliness and tidiness, customer service, standard of facilities, and, of course, the treatments. Our audit sheet is 20 pages long, so we're pretty thorough.

We do not judge spas on size, facilities they do or don't have, or the behaviour of other spa guests. A smaller spa can still provide a five bubble experience, not having a pool won't necessarily break a spa journey, and we love that spa is enjoyed by all ages and personalities.

It's all about expectation and promise fulfilment. As long as a spa does what it says it does well, we're happy Spa Spies

P.S. We only review spas that are three bubble or higher; we've been to a few one bubble spas and wouldn't recommend them.