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It’s almost summer. After the long and harsh climate of the winter months, there’s no doubt your skin will be ill-prepared for the summer sun. Cleanse, hydrate and nourish your skin with our special May Spa Luxury voucher.

What is included?

  • Full 3-hour access to all our Banya facilities: the authentic steam room, bucket showers, icy plunge pool, hot stone treatment room and the rest & relaxation area.
  • Invigorating Parenie thermal treatment: the use of leafy and fragrant bundles of birch, oak and eucalyptus twigs will boost your blood circulation and relieve you of tension and stress.
  • Honey & Salt Scrub. This treatment is both cleansing for the skin and detoxifying for the body. Organic treatments that will improve skin texture and tone, giving it a fresh look and making it feel amazing!
  • Aloe Vera Full Body and Hair Mask. It is all-natural, soothing, moisturising and nourishing for the skin. It also boosts skin healing, reduces acne, lightens blemishes, and can even help to fight skin ageing.
  • A glass of UK’s first genuine draught kvass to detox and rehydrate. Kvass also contains various vitamins, such as B and E, that will help to keep your hair and skin healthy.
  • A pot of detoxing Herbal tea, enjoyed in the comfortable lounge will complement your experience.

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Anytime voucher. The voucher is valid 6 months from date of purchase.

The Spa

With its sister spa in Hoxton, Banya No. 1 – Chiswick is the second branch of the brand in London. The clean interior was designed to resemble the crystal waters of the lakelands of Karelia; gathered moss from the forests gives Northern European vibes. While solo spa-goers are welcomed, Banya is traditionally a social experience shared with friends and family. Toast in the steam rooms - to warm the body and kick-start the detox process - before trying a Parenie massage with bundles of birch, oak and eucalyptus.

Spa location

Anyone who wants to indulge in the perfect combination of good food and great spa-ing. Keen spa goers who want to be tempted by a new treatment.

Chiswick,London ,W4 5TF

020 8189 9777

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