Review: AFYNA Organic Facial Exfoliator

We reviewed AFYNA Organic Facial Exfoliator (£25 for 50ml)

First impressions:

The packaging is tall and thin, making it easy to pick off the shelf. The front of the box is white, fresh and clean with a silver foiled name adding a touch of class. The side of the packing has an attractive blue print giving the brand personality and helping it stand out.

The name caught my eye – AFYNA -- which means “to beautify” in old Cornish. The products are made by hand in Cornwall, and were launched in 2014.

The bottle is an easy to use 50ml pump, perfect for use in the shower. The pump is basic and the sticker on the front was far too large. The outer packing is more attractive than the inner.

What’s in it:

The product is 86% certified organic. The exfoliating particles are bamboo extract, and the product base is made up of camellia seed oil, papaya extract, cocoa butter and vitamin E. It has a light but very pleasant scent which really makes you feel that the product is natural. It is white and emulsifies when added to water, making it glide comfortably over the skin.


The instructions say to use once a week. Apply by gently rubbing between your hands and massaging over the face (avoiding the eye area), before rinsing it off with warm water. I enjoyed using the product so I used it twice weekly, but this didn’t make my skin feel sensitive.


I used the product in the shower in the morning. After use my skin felt subtle, very comfortable and soft.

My moisturiser sunk into my skin well afterwards, and my make-up sat better on my skin.

After a week my usual areas of congestion were smoother and clearer from imperfections.


The product is £25 and if you used it once a week it should last two months. Using it twice a week, it will run out a lot quicker.

I felt that the product was a little over priced considering the inner packaging and how long it lasts, but it does give good results.

Final verdict:

I would use this product again as the results were apparent and it was a joy to use with a lovely scent. Lovers of all things Natural and Organic, product junkies who like to try new brands and those who need a quick and easy to use exfoliator will enjoy using this. 


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