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Yoga One-to-One at Chewton

I am, I confess, a Type A personality; competitive, outgoing, ambitious, impatient.  So Yoga has never really appealed to me; all that steady breathing and doing things slowly! But a rather nasty accident a couple of years ago has taught me some degree of patience. Learning to walk again took six months of physiotherapy. While I am now mobile, I am not very flexible, so when I was offered a one-to-one yoga session at Chewton Glen Spa I thought I would give it a try.

Dawn, my yoga teacher was exactly as I expected a yoga teacher to be; slim, elegant and very calm. She teaches Hatha yoga and beginners yoga, so was used to people’s clumsy attempts to reach each yoga pose.

She listened patiently to all the things I said I could not do; sit on the floor, get up and down from the floor, lay flat on the floor, turn my head from left to right and so on. Dawn then simply suggested that we make a start and see what I could do. That first bit of positive thinking was gently tossed my way, and to my surprise I caught it.

I sat on the yoga mat -- not quite cross legged, rather more ‘cross-ankled’ -- but at least I was down on the floor.

Dawn talked me through some basic poses and stretches, inviting me to do as much as I was comfortable with. Her voice was steady and reassuring.  Since I had her total attention, and there was no one else watching (or to be competitive with!) I was able to focus completely. Gradually I began to self-correct my position, copying Dawn as she showed me how to do a basic sitting asana or stretched her arms up into a sun salutation.

As I relaxed I felt able to do more, so we moved onto twisting poses, a real test as I have metal clips holding my lower back together.  The yoga studio was quiet and private, with the sun streaming in from a high up window. And I began to slow my breathing and consciously relax and enjoy the process. It felt like taking my brain out of gear and just letting it idle for a while.

When Dawn asked me to lie down on the mat on my front, I had a quick panic. Last time I tried that I could not get up again!  However, this time I was more relaxed and able not only to lie down, but to gradually and carefully bring my feet towards my hands. I ended up in a not very elegant version of the ‘downwards facing dog’: a classic yoga pose that I never dreamt I would be able to achieve.

By the end of the session I was calm, relaxed and hooked! Dawn suggested that I find a local teacher who offers ‘restorative yoga’. I did not know such a thing existed, but I am going to add this to my daily exercises, regular physiotherapy and gym sessions. And not only for the flexibility it developed in just one session, but as much for the sense of calm and peace that I found I enjoyed!

Chewton Glen offers one to one yoga session 75 minutes for £67.  You can find a local yoga teacher on the British Wheel of Yoga website.