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Fish spa in Sentosa

Sybaritic Spy and I went to the Fish Reflexology spa on Sentosa Island today, where we were brave enough to put our feet into a pool containing hundreds of Doctor Fish. These little gleaming wonders nibble all the dead skin off your feet.

I don't know, I had imagined a silver bowl and perhaps four or five little fish. The spa has a communal pool and the fish got really excited when they could see you coming. They swarmed around your toes in what seemed like thousands. It was like seeing a piranha execution squad in action - except not really. They nibbled and they tickled, that was all. No biting down to the bones! I was very hesitant to put my feet in at first, so the assistant said I should put my legs straight out, then lower them into the water bit by bit. This meant the fish just worried away at my heels, which I could cope with. When two other people put their legs into the pool, some of the fish swam away to attend to them, and I got quite brave when there weren't quite so many fish paying attention to my lower limbs. Plus, there was a five-year-old girl there with her mother. If she wasn't running away screaming, I could hardly do so...

Seriously, it was a bit unnerving at first but then very soothing and hypnotic. By the time we had to get out, I was sad. I had a lot more dead skin those fishes could have enjoyed!

We had reflexology afterwards, when our feet were all shiny and neat - and this was great! I love proper reflexology and find it soothes me after a troublesome week. It did.

When we returned to our hotel room, we found we could certainly hear if not actually see the Formula One cars whizzing round the city-centre track they have set up here in Singapore.