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Introducing…. the Life Stage Diaries

New mum, Eco Millenial, Life Begins and The Chairman - all on different life journeys for 2019


Spa Spy Life Stages: The Chairman

Spas have long been part of my life


Spa Spy Life Stages: Eco Millennial

How to spa when you're young, broke and have a planet-saving conscience.


Spa Spy Life Stages: New Mum

I've spent the last couple of months trying to make the new mum/working mum adjustment.


Life Begins: When Will I Grow Up?

Savant Spy at 50 wonders what to do with her new found freedom...


What to put in your zero-waste spa bag

The Spa Spy soothes your plastic guilt with solutions for an eco-spa bag.


Fork to Spa

The Spa Spy muses on home-grown ingredients in spa kitchens and treatments.


Recipe: The Alternative Kitchen Shiitake Stuffed Seitan Plait

You’ll love this plait created by The Alternative Kitchen, full of mushrooms, pinto beans…


The Vegan Diaries - Veganuary 2018

How hard is it to go vegan? And is it worth it? The Spa Spy gave up her beloved cheese for…


Spa Spies Highs of 2018

Join us as we revisit some of our top spa moments of the year.